Not just another webinar

#ULIREImagine will go beyond the usual online format – it is a digital production created to seamlessly deliver a personalised learning and networking experience through curated content*, high level insights and interactive virtual engagement tools.

Expect an out-of-the-box and immersive virtual attendee journey


+ Choose areas of interest

+ AI powered recommendation engine (intelligently guides content that is most relevant, matches attendees with similar interests, surfaces sponsors most relevant to you)

+ Create your agenda. On demand programming makes it easy to view sessions on your schedule, when you need it, around the clock.

+ Profile yourself: Bio. Video Business Card. Share an intro video.


+ Keynote, Sessions, Group Chats – LIVE and On-Demand

+ Live interactive Q&A with key speakers

+ Love mood meter (emojis)

+ Fun and entertainment with special ULI-style touches – ULI’s got talent, anyone?

+ Voices of ULI: Short interviews with ULI members from a diversity of disciplines, geography, age

+ One-on-one messaging during live and on-demand sessions

Networking capabilities just like an in-person event

+ Happy Hour chat rooms

+ Attendee directory

+ Video chats for one on one and one to few networking

+ Roundtables: Networking + Real Meetings. Connect, grab a table, let’s talk (share screen, chat, collaborate)


+ Thought leadership deliveries

+ Sponsor pages

+ Connect with team representatives

+ On-demand roundtables

*The virtual event will be held in English. Closed captioning will be available in English and Chinese/Japanese/Korean for all sessions.